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Veronica works actively as a hospitality consultant helping plan new spaces according to Building and Health codes; marketing; social media strategies and more. To say that food is Veronica’s passion would be an understatement. She is a blogger, food writer, and recipe developer whose specialty is Puerto Rican food. Her love of her Latin roots and passion for only the best ingredients was the catalyst in her creating all foods from scratch. This passion led her to win first place in the annual Coquito Masters competition in El Museo Del Barrio.


The foundation of every dish she creates is to maintain the heritage, tradition, and legacy of foods within the Puerto Rican culture.

Veronica strives to infuse her unique cultural history and tradition while prepping every meal.  She dreams of owning her own restaurant, as well as event planning to share her love of Latin cuisine with all food connoisseurs. This is the dedication that keeps Veronica in search of the next culinary experience.

Veronica Velez


Chef CutiePie is a Hospitality-lifestyle brand created by Veronica Velez. Veronica’s deep appreciation for Latin cuisine was developed at a young age. Born to Puerto Rican parents from Mayaguez and raised in New York- City, the city that “never sleeps”, Veronica was exposed to a variety of foods that fueled her lifelong passion for cooking.

Her enthusiasm for hospitality and her culinary curiosity began at age six, when she was making pancakes for a family breakfast. It was here, in the kitchen, that Veronica developed her creativity, spirit, and passion for culinary arts. She believes that the memorable parts of life all come back to food, family, and fun, and it is because of this that her tagline became, "Your abuelita just got younger".

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Veronica is the epitome of a professional woman who was drawn to pursue her passion while reinventing herself. With a background in Real Estate and a degree in Hospitality Management, she satiated the desire to build on her entrepreneurial and managerial pursuits. Finding it absolutely impossible to ignore her passion, she accepted a position with BR Guest Restaurants. Having always possessed a

“can-do” attitude, she used this to learn as much as she could while assisting executives, maintaining the online store, processing orders, and managing Customer Service. This transcended into a managerial role, adding the responsibility of maintaining the entire restaurant group’s licenses and permits, managing construction projects, and more. After several years in management, she joined the NYC Mayor’s Office helping restaurants get their doors open, then moved on to Hospitality Powerhouse Union Square Hospitality Group.

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